Tata Fellowships For North Eastern India

National Folklore Support Centre announces Tata Fellowships For North Eastern India

For the study and documentation of local knowledge, culture and arts in North Eastern India
National Folklore Support Centre’s Tata Fellowships are meant for the residents of North Eastern India. This program facilitates an experienced scholar belonging to one community from the region to work collaboratively with another community’s elder or an artist to document the community elder/ artist’s tradition for a year long period. Each fellowship will carry an award of Rs.8000/‐ per month for the scholar and another Rs.8000/‐ per month for the community elder or artist. In addition to the monthly award each fellowship carries a contingency of Rs.50,000/‐ per annum to cover travel and documentation expenses. National Folklore Support Centre will coordinate with the University departments in the region of North Eastern India to select and eventually archive the audio visual documentation resulting out of this program. The documentation will also be used by National Folklore Support Centre for its teaching programs. The application must be sent by the scholar along with the consent letter of the community elder/artist.

Please refer to official website of National Folklore Support Centre

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