Advance Practical Curricula Training of Under Graduate Courses

On the occasion of 2nd event of Golden Jubilee Celebration, Department of Zoology, Gauhati University is organizing a Training programme on recent advances in Practical Curricula of Under Graduate courses in Zoology. The training course content will cover various important tools and techniques relevant to Zoology.

Discussion & Training Session will be conducted on the following subjects as well –

Cytogenetics, Embryology, Aquaculture,  Microscopy, Karyotyping, Molecular Biology, Taxonomy, Ecology, Entomology, Physiology etc. in accordance with revised curricula of undergraduate courses of Gauhati University.

This training program is set up to give ideas of revised curricula which is expected to  be implemented from next session of 2015-2016 in all Gauhati University affiliated colleges.

Experts from other advance institute will be invited for the various training sessions of the program.


Training Program Course fee: 2500/- *faculty members (includes workshop kit, stationeries, lodging and food).

No of Participants: 40 only

Training Dates : 05-02-15 to 11-02-15

In the Official notification, it is clearly mentioned that every college under  Gauhati University affiliated must depute one Zoology teacher to attend the program so that near future then can help students in practical classes. Travelling allowance for the training will be borne by the college authority for at least one person .





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