Incentive to Girls for Higher Education

As per press release from the desk of Union Human Resource Development Minister, Smt Smriti Irani mentioned a total budget of Rs 19918.41 crore will be provided for the year 2015-16 (BE) for girls’ education. National Scheme of Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education covers –

1. On the first phase , To all unmarried girls to SC/ST communities under Indian Citizenship
2. Rs 3000/- will be deposited against the girl as fixed deposited.
3. The girl can withdraw the amount either after 10th standard passed or after reaching 18 years subject to unmarried status of the said girl.
4. all girls who pass class eight from Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas (KGBVs) and enroll in class
IX in either Government, Government-aided or local body schools.

She also mentioned that other two major schemes to support girls’ education at the secondary level of education
include –
1. Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan
2. Girls’ Hostel Scheme in Educationally Backward Blocks of the country

These schemes will be centrally monitored and sponsored. So every Indian citizen is advised to avail the benefit of these national schemes for their daughters higher education.

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