Assam Education Department waives admission fees for poor students

Another very important decision is made by the Secondary Education Department of Assam. Education Department of Assam finally put their node to waive admission and other fees for poor students having parental annual income below one lac so that they can also complete their higher education like other students.

Assam Education Department waives admission fees for poor students

Previous statistics indicates that many brilliant students belonging to poor economic families fail to complete their higher education even having their wiliness and desire to learn.

As per notification , Secondary Education Department has decided to finally waive the fees of admission and other important categories  – like tuition fees and library fees. Notification also clarifies that none of      provincialized / government higher secondary school and junior colleges of Assam will take admission and other fees from candidates seeking admission into Higher Secondary ( HS ) first year for the current financial year 2016-2017.

Minimum criteria for waiver admission fees Assam:

To avail the benefits of fees waiver under Assam Secondary Education Department, Candidates must follow following guidelines during fulfilling the selection criteria for fees waiver policy.

  1. Parents working under State/Central government must submit pay slip
  2. Parents working under Private organization, must submit salary slip from employer indicating annual salary is not exceeding one lac
  3. Parents working not under private/state/central must submit their annual income certificate duly signed by Circle Officer or Mouzadar
  4. College admission council committee and principal can jointly decide for admission of any student subject to fulfillment of parental income below one lac.
  5. Once the admission process is over, concern college principal must submit the details of revenue loss account for reimbursement to Director of Education Department.
  1. Final accounts details school wise must be deposited to Government for reimbursement by DeD, Assam
  1. Reimbursement of Revenue loss by the schools/colleges will be taken care of within 2 months of period.


This new concept from Department of Education Assam will give some sort of relief to the economically poor parents during their children’s admission for Higher Secondary First Year for academic session 2016. Now poor economic condition of any family should not stand as bar for getting higher education for their children in Assam at all.


Please refer to official notification : Fees Waiver of Girl Candidates of HS First Year 2016






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