IFC3 India-Indias largest Cloud Computing based workshops

On behalf of IFC3 India, AICRAD Study & IIT-Bhubaneswar(Neuromancers),IIT-Hyderabad(Nvision,Infro,Scitech council) it gives us pleasure to introduce Indias largest Cloud Computing based workshops for 2 days, the workshop series is aimed to give insight on latest job oriented technologies from CSE/Mechanical/ECE/EEE department.

NM-IIT Bhubaneswar & Infero-IIT Hyderabad are the first IIT’s to take initiative for the promotion of Cloud Computing/BigData (Hadoop)/IoT due to its high demand and growth in IT Industry worldwide in colleboration with AICRAD Study.

IFC3 India, AICRAD Study

Here are some future fact about above technologies-

–According to Times Magazine, more than 5 million Cloud/Big Data/Hadoop Engineers are required by 2018.
–World will need 300,000 IOT developers by year 2018. Anything we buy that costs over $100 will be IoT enabled by 2018”
–By 2020 there will be 50 billion connected devices communicating through the Internet

This championship aims to reach students across the country and spread insights of Google (Cloud App Engine),Apache(BigData/Hadoop),AWS(cloud),Microsoft/IBM(BluemixCloud),VMware(virtualization),Arduino/Raspberrypi(InternetOfThings),Panasonic/Siemens(PLC/Scada),CISCO(Networking),DassaultSysteme(Catia),Autodesk(Mechanical).Arduino/Raspberrypi(Internet Of Things)

IFC3-2016 will bring students from all over the country together to participate in the celebration of knowledge and creative extravagance along with experts from the fields of academic as well as industry. With technological innovation scaling new heights, IFC3-2016 promises to keep a tab on the advancements and stay in sync with
the mood of the times. With the introduction of several new events, and old ones remodeled, IFC3-2016, is all set to create a new benchmark.

Apart from two days workshop IFC3 India is offering Industrial training certification training too-

Industrial Certification training offered by IFC3 India-

CSE/IT Branch-

1) Amazon Cloud(AWS)                      2) IBM Blue mix                     3) Microsoft Azure
4) SalesForce                                          5) Hadoop-Apache                6) RedHat
7) Cloudera-BigData                            8) Citrix                                      9) SAP
10) CISCO Networking                      11)Hacking CEH                      12)Android
13) Oracle DBA                                     14)Python

Mechanical Industrial Certification Training-

1)CAE /CFD Analyst Training           2)AutoDesk-Autocad &
3)PTC Creo                                                4)Hyperworks
5)Dessault Systeme Catia                    6) StaadPro

ECE/EEE- Industrial Certification-

1) IoT (Internet Of Things) using Avr Atmega 8/16
2) IoT (Internet Of Things) using Arduino board
3) IoT (Internet Of Things) using Raspberry
4) MatLab & PCB Designing

Future scope of cloud computing/Hadoop/IoT(Internet Of Things)/CAx:-

–More than 3 million cloud engineers required by 2018 in India.
–A research report by Avendus Capital estimates that the IT market for big data in India is hovering around $1.15 billion as 2015 comes to an end. This contributed to
one fifth of India’s KPO market worth $5.6 billion.
–The Hindu predicts that by end of 2018, India alone will face a shortage of close to two lakh Data Scientists. This presents a tremendous career and growth
–By 2020 there will be 50 billion connected devices communicating through the Internet,World will need 300,000 IOT developers by year 2018.
–Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, SolidEdge, Catia will need 200,000 CAx Technologies (CAD/CAM/CAE/FEA/CFD/PLM) Analyst by year 2018.

Why IFC3 India-

–Best Training Service with hands on experience.
–80+ happy engineering colleges under its banner.
–6000+ students beniffited from our services.
–Well Qualified & Certified Faculty.
–Certification from IIT’s council itself.
–Compatible student count to IFC3 trainer ratio.
–Course content design as per industry need.
–Working on Practical Live Projects.

Event Organizers Details

student convener
contact no: 7065557901/2
WhatsApp: 9971471951, 7503050616
email-id: info@ifc3india.com

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