Top 14 Fellowship Schemes for year 2015

1. Emeritus Fellowship :

The University Grants Commission floated this scheme to provide an opportunity to the superannuated teachers of universities, colleges and institutions which is approved under Section 2(f) and 12(B) of the UGC Act.  Highly qualified and experienced, superannuated or likely to be superannuated within 6 months, teachers of recognized universities/colleges/institutions who have been actively engaged in research and teaching programmes in the preceding years to undertake research, without any restriction of position or pay scales. Foreign visit regarding the project work may be supported within this scheme.

Eligibility: Based on the quality of research and published work contributed by the teacher in his/her service career & below 70 years.
Fellowship:  31,000/- Month-  along with  contingency grant of Rs. 50,000/- p.a
Period : 2 Years
Seats : 100 candidates from science background  & 100 candidates from  Humanities, Social Sciences and Languages 



2. Post Doctoral Fellowship To Women Candidates :

This fellowship is given to the unemployed women candidates holding Ph.D. degree in their respective subject areas. This fellowship was known before  Part Time Research Associateship for Women.  This scheme is used to accelerate the talented instincts of the women candidates to carry out the advanced studies and research.

Eligibility: Must be applicable only for unemployed  women candidates holding  Ph D. 
Fellowship: 38,800/- Per Month and 46,500/- per month after two years.
Seats : 100 candidates



3.   Dr S Radhakrishanan Post Doctoral Fellowship in Huminities & Social   Sciences :

This fellowship is given to those candidates preferably below 35 years holding a Ph D degree or already submitted the thesis for degree.  Before applying for the fellowship, candidates must obtain the consent for post doctoral from the mentor he or she has chosen. Every year this fellowship will renew after getting the appraisal from the mentor. Maximum 3 years block is given to candidates under fellowship.

Eligibility : Minimum qualification is PhD thesis submitted or already obtained PhD

Fellowship: 38,800/- Per Month to 41,900/- per month for 3 years.

Seats : Selection committee of UGC will select the proposals & also confirm the selection of the mentors & candidates regarding the fellowship programme.


4. Swami Vivekananda Single Girl Child Scholarship for Research :

UGC has introduced Swami Vivekananda Scholarship for Single Girl Child for research in Social Sciences for 4 years block.   Girl who is the only girl child in a family is applicable for this said fellowship . This fellowship is designed to compensate direct costs of higher education. 

Eligibility : Minimum qualification is  in regular, full -time Ph. D. program in Social Sciences . Distance mode PhD is not allowed for this scheme. Age bar is 40 years for general and 45 years for sc/st students.

Fellowship : The amount of Scholarship is :
a) Rs.12,400/- p.m for first two years
b) Rs.15,500/- p.m for third and fourth year


5. Junior / Senior Research Fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences :

This fellowship is opened under the University Grants Commission (UGC) for the  candidates who qualify in the National Eligibility  Testing (NET) of the UGC and the UGC-Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) joint test.

Target Group: Candidates who are already qualified in NET or the UGC-CSIR joint tests

Fellowship: 25000/- Per Month to 28000/- per month .


6. Junior / Senior Research Fellowship to Foreign Nationals :

This fellowship is designed to meet the political and cultural bilateral relations of India with other developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America.  With the help this fellowship foreign research scholars can come to India & do  M.Phil/Ph.D. and postdoctoral research  works in  various Indian Universities.

Target Group: Scholars from developing countries of Asia/Africa and Latin  America.

Eligibility Criteria : For male candidates 35 years  and 40 years for female candidates.  The candidates must have at least a high-class master’s degree with a second-class bachelor’s degree, or second-class master’s degree with a first-class bachelor’s degree

Slots available:  20 seats are available.
Tenure of awards:  Four years

Fellowship: 18600/- Per Month to 21000/- per month


7. Research Associateship to Foreign Nationals :

The selection criteria for  Research Associateship is almost same with the criteria which are mentioned in JRF/ SRF to foreign nationals. Few alteration has been made on this fellowship. First one is the age criteria which is 40 years for male candidates whereas 45 years for female candidates. Second one is number of slots permissible for this fellowship. It is only 7 numbers of foreign candidates those can avail this associateship .

Total slots permissible for Research Associateship (RA):   7

Tenure of awards:  Four years

Fellowship: 25000/- Per Month


8. Post Doctoral Fellowship to SC/ST Candidates :

This scheme has been provided to support socially and economically deprived students of the society for avail their high studies in different directions like Science, Engineering & Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences in Indian Universities/Institutions/Colleges.

Qualification : Minimum doctoral degree is required to apply for the fellowship. Under merit basis the selection will be done of the applied candidates by the expert team of UGC. Minimum age is considered 50 years for male candidates whereas 55 years for female candidates for this fellowship .

Slots available:  100 seats are available.
Tenure of awards:  Two years

Fellowship: 38800/- Per Month to 46500/- per month


9. Post Graduate Scholarships for Professional Courses for SC/ST Candidates  :


This fellowship has been introduced  with the objective to provide financial assistance to  SC/ST candidates to pursue postgraduate level studies in Professional subjects from any recognized Indian Universities/Institutions/Colleges.

Qualification : Minimum bachelor degree is essential along with postgraduate admission obtained certificate. To apply for the fellowship the post graduation degree admission course must be regular full time as no distance mode is covered . Minimum age is considered 45 years for male candidates whereas 55 years for female candidates for this fellowship .

Slots available:  1000 seats are available.
Tenure of awards:  Two years

Fellowship: 7800/- Per Month for ME/MTech course while for others it is 4500/ per month


10. UGC Scholarship for GATE / GPAT candidates :

University Grants Commission  has introduced a scholarship scheme for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)  & Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT)  candidates qualified. All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), was initially financially supported GATE qualified postgraduate engineering students . Now as GATE has been undertaken by UGC,  so UGC sponsored this scholarship will be effective to all Universities and Colleges for the Master of Engineering (ME) and Master of Technology (M Tech) courses for GATE qualified candidates.

Qualification : A) A vaild GATE/ GPAT score card  

B) Masters degree programmes and PhD programmes in engineering, technology, architecture and other relevant branches of science in institutes recognized by the government scholarship from a single source.

Slots available:  More than 10  seats are available.
Tenure of awards:  Two years

Fellowship: 8000/- Per Month to 12400/ per month

11. Post-Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl :

To achieve and promote girls education in India , UGC has introduced a Post Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child . Many states have observed that due to poor economic conditions of the families , some very talented girl students fail to continue their higher education. This fellowship is given to those families who have only one single girl in their families. Twin girls are not covered under this fellowship. Only PG first year is covered under this fellowship for full time PG course . No distance mode PG course is covered.

Slots available:  More than 10  seats are available.
Tenure of awards:  One years

Fellowship: 3100/- Per Month for next 20 years.



12. Post-Graduate Merit Scholarship for University Rank Holder :

The purpose of this scheme is to attract  talented boys and girls in the field of Post-Graduate education  for pursuing their  post graduate studies besides strengthening the basic subjects at Undergraduate level.  The scholarship may be tenable for a period of two years. It gives financial supports to the rank holders of each university at undergraduate level to pursue their Master’s Degree. All universities/degree awarding institutions must be issued rank certificates to the toppers of the university in B.A., B.Sc., and B.Com disciplines. The awardees, under this scheme, can pursue their Postgraduate programme in any area of specialization in any institution of higher learning in the country.

Slots available:  More than 1000  seats are available.
Tenure of awards:  Two years

Fellowship: 3100/- Per Month for 20 Months


13. UGC Basic Science Research Initiatives and Fellowship :

University Grants Commission, New Delhi has awarded Basic Science Research Fellowship in Sciences for Meritorious Students(RFSMS ) of each Science Departments DRS/CAS/DSA/University/Centres for Potential with Excellence. The main objective of this scheme is to provide opportunities to meritorious students to undertake advanced studies and research leading to Ph.D. degrees in sciences.
Eligibility: The basic criteria of eligibility of candidates is registered Ph.D. scholar in any of the science subjects in Universities
Slots available:  More than 100  seats are available.
Tenure of awards:  Two to Five years

Fellowship: 21700/- Per Month for first and second year while third to fifth year slot, it is 24800/- .

If the candidate is selected any  of the National Exam – NET/GATE then they will get  24800/- Per Month for first and second year while third to fifth year slot, it is 27900/- .

BSR Faculty Fellowship : 46500/-  per month for 36 months


14. Dr. D.S. Kothari Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Sciences :

The UGC scheme  “D.S.Kothari Post-Doctoral Fellowship” has been  launched to the candidates who have already submitted thesis or already obtained the Doctoral degree from any recognize universities of India .  The term Bridging fellowship is  awarded under this scheme for those candidates who still are not achieved PhD degree. Once they formally awarded the Phd then automatically this fellowship belongs into Post-Doctoral Fellowships. This fellowship term is annually until renew it.

Slots available:  More than 10  seats are available.
Tenure of awards:  One to Three years


During the time of bridging fellowship : 34100/- Per Month for first , second  and third year  while 43400/- to 46500/- per month for full time post doctoral fellowship.



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