Call for Proposals on Drug Utilization Research under ICMR , New Delhi

Applications are invited from the research scholars related to drug utilization research works which are considered to be essential for assessing rational or irrational patterns of drug utilization, identification of problems of access, education and other interventions and monitoring the outcomes of interventions for the rational use of drugs.

What is Drug Utilization Research  : 

Drug utilization research is the study about marketing, distribution, prescription and use of drugs in a society with special emphasis on the resulting medical, social and economic consequences. Different agencies have deployed for access the details of Drug in universal way so that the quality of the drugs can be justified anywhere in world to find out the different answers of the questions like lack of education about the drugs utilization,individual patient management.

Who can apply for proposals : 

1. Scientists on regular employment in the medical colleges, post graduate institutions, universities, recognized research institutes and development laboratories and Non Governmental organizations (NGO’s).

2. If  NGO’s should have a minimum of 3 years experience of working after their registration in the field  of Drugs and related subjects along with be registered with the department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt of India.


How to apply for proposals : 

All candidates are advised to visit official website of ICMR for the steps to be remembered during the time of apply.

Few of them are mentioned below for the reference to the candidates as follows –

1. First, register yourself as project investigator to avail User id / Password via visiting the website
2. Select ‘pharmacology’ as discipline  via Click on broad area as BMS.
3. Complete the process via entering other details.
4. Call start date: 23th March 2015
5. Call end date: 17th April 2015
6. Major discipline : Pharmacology
7. Select Programme officer : Dr Rajni Kaul.


All soft copy of the details can be submitted to  to Dr N.A Kshirsagar, National Chair in Pharmacology,ICMR email i.d.


Deadline of Call Proposals : .

Timeline bound for submission of concept proposal is : 17th April 2015





Please refer to official website for more information about the proposals.



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