Lakhimpur Commerce College Research Journal (LCCRJ)

Lakhimpur Commerce College Research Journal (LCCRJ) is a bi-annual research journal to be published in July and December. It is committed to publication of research papers in the field of social sciences, languages and literature.

Lakhimpur Commerce College Research Journal (LCCRJ) has been already invited original full length research papers with abstracts for its first issue July to December 2012. Manuscripts have been accepted with the assumption that they were not published elsewhere. All manuscripts are subject to peer review.

Lakhimpur Commerce College Research Journal

Lakhimpur Commerce College Research Journal

Address for Communication:

The soft copies of papers shall be to:

The hard copies shall be sent to:

Sri Gunindra Nath Sarmah

Editor, LCCRJ

Lakhimpur Commerce College

North Lakhimpur-787001



Author- Manuscript Submission Guidelines:

1. All paper contributions should be submitted in a hard copy, typed on A4 size paper in double space and with adequate margin on the left side along with soft copy to the email account of the Research journal. (See address for communication).

2. The Title page of the manuscript should contain the following information (i) title of the paper, (ii) complete name(s) of authors(s), (iii) institutional affiliation(s), (iv) active e-mail (s) (v) an abstract of 100 to 200words and (v) keywords (Maximum four).

3. The contributors shall provide page no. for any citation on the body of articles to avoid the possibility of plagiarism.

4. The author of the article / corresponding author has to be declared that paper for publication should be held to imply that it contains original unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere.

5. The length of the paper should be less than 25 pages (less than eight thousand words) including tables, appendices, notes and references, etc.

6. The text as well as footnotes should be written in Times New Roman fonts of 12 point.

7. Tables should preferably be of such size that they could be composed within A4 size paper and the source should be given below each table.

8. Non-English words should be italicized.

9. Only two photos may be included in a paper

10. The author of the paper should take care of copy right issue while citing materials. The editors will not be responsible for any violation of copy rights by any contributor to the journal.


11. References:

(i) Responsibility for the accuracy of bibliographic citations lies entirely with the authors. Citations in the text Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa). Avoid citation in the abstract. Unpublished results and personal communications should not be in the reference list, but may be mentioned in the text.

(ii) References shall be in alphabetical order at the end of the paper. Titles of the books and names of journals shall be given in full. In case of Journals first and last page numbers for all entries shall be provided. The name of the book or the journal shall be italic.

(iii)  The citation of sources in the body of the text shall be as follows: Author, year, page(s). For example (Saxena, 2001:41).

(iv) Referencing style should be as examples given under:

(a) Single Author/editor Example:

Behera, M.C.2009. Marginalised  Identity. New Delhi: Common Wealth.

Boruah, J. (ed). 2011. Economic Development in North East India. Guwahati: Unique Publisher.

(b) More than one author/editor, Example:

Das, Roy and M. Mishra, 2006. Self Help Groups in Context of Poverty Alleviation in India,NewDelhi. Anmol Publication Pvt Ltd.

(c) Articles from Journal , Exanple:

Sharma, M. & A.J. Panganavar.2003. “Rural Economy”. Indian  journal of Agricultural Economy. Vol-11: no-3: pp183-187

(d) Government/Institutional Publications, Example:

GOI. 2003. Technology Mission Guidelines, New-Delhi: Department of Agriculture and Co-operation, Ministry of Agriculture.

(e) Internet, Example:

Yunus, M. 2002, Gramin Bank 11: Design to Open New Possibilities.  Accessed on 16th June 2012.

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