Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme 2014-15 Under MSDT

Swarna Jayanti Fellowships Scheme which is also known as Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme only for scientist specific has been launched onthe  India’s fiftieth (58) year of  Independence day for provide special financial assistance and support to selected number of young scientists for enable them to pursue research in frontier areas of  science and technology under Ministry of Science & Technology Department of Science & Technology.


Eligibility for Swarna Jayanti Fellowships Scheme :

As the fellowship is targeting the scientist specific and not institution specific with very selective and observation of excellent track record-

1. The applicant must have Ph.D in Science/ Engineering/ Medicine
2. The fellowship can be availed by Indian Nationals residing in India or abroad
3. Scientists should be expertise in science and engineering with outstanding contributions in the form of research publications and/ or patents, peer recognition from scientific community, awards etc. in his/ her area of research

Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme

Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme

 Nature of Support of Scheme :

1. Monthly fellowship of  25,000/- for next 5 years along with the original additional salary  draw from parent institution.

2. In addition to fellowship, grants for equipment, computational facilities, consumables, contingencies, national and international travel and other special requirements, if any, will be covered in this fellowship.

3. Once the award is allowed to pursue unfettered research, Scientists can do a freedom and flexibility in terms of expenditure as approved in the research plan. The project should contain innovative research idea and it should have a potential of making impact on R&D in the discipline.

Selection Criteria for Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme: 

1. Multiple selection procedures will include at various stages.
2. Selection Committee will sort listed the received applications for presentation in front of them.
3. At the last , Final National Core Committee of Experts which gives its final recommendations based on the presentation received from the applicants.


Age Limit for Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme : 

The fellowship is offered to the young scientists only   between 30 to 40 years of age as on December 31, 2014. Candidates who have completed 40 year of age as on or before 31.12.2014 will not be considered.

Last date for fellowship : The last date for submission of applications is May 15, 2015.


All candidates are requested to send the duly complete application form into the following address –

Milind Kulkarni Scientist-F Department of Science & Technology Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road New Delhi – 110 016. Email: milind@nic.in

Aspirants can also visit  official website at: http://www.dst.gov.in &  www.serb.gov.in for more information about the fellowship.





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