Jeevan Kite and River Festival 2015

Jeevan , a voluntary association based in northeast India  which  is exploring life and all its colors, organizes this one-of-its-kind event, which is known till last year as Jeevan Kite Festival. This year it’s Kite & River Festival with new shape and dimension.

Jeevan  Kite & River Festival

Jeevan Kite & River Festival : 

Original pic :


Objective of the Mega Event :

1.Creating awareness on river Brahmaputra’s glory, cultural heritage, biodiversity, river-based life-livelihood, potential, cleanness and the aesthetic use of its riverfront.
2.Engaging the urban youth with elements of the Nature.
3.Spreading the message of ‘Same River, One Sky’.

Names of the few other events as follows : 

A. Live Music & Choreography

B. Aeromodeling

C. Music Video Festival

D. River Cruise

E. MTB & BMX Cycling Demo

F. Youth Round Table

& Not the least but the Traditional Food

Time of the Event : January 1, 2015 – January 4, 2015 Jan 1, 2015  at 3:00pm to Jan 4, 2015 at 9:00pm

Venue of the Event : Umananda Ghat, Latashil, Guwahati


Please visit the official facebook page of jeevan for more info :Click Me


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