Slogan Competition : Gauhati University

Women’s Studies Research Centre, Gauhati University in collaboration with The Department of Women’s Studies, Gauhati University, is organising a slogan competition with the aim of creating awareness against gender based

Slogan reflecting the theme : ‘Violence against women in the Public Places’

Eligibility: Post- graduate and Under-graduate students

Aims and objectives of the competition:

1. To sensitize the students, teaching staff, non-teaching staff on the issue of
gender based violence, specifically sexual harassment at the public

2. To initiate meaningful discussions on gender based violence and sexual

Last Date : 19-09-2014

Contact :

1. Dr Rukchana Rahman, Guest Faculty, Department of Women’s Studies, Contact
no: +919435167195

2. Lakheemi Devee, Scientific Officer, Department of Women’s Studies, Contact no:

Please refer to official website : Click Me

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